Well we all know the lockdown date of David Beckham’s soccer career was Friday the 13th, 2009, but here we sit and it’s February 17th 2009 and everything is up in the air. I wrote here last week applauding Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber about instituting a deadline on the this fiasco and really that’s what it become since I’ve now read that AC Milan is continuing talks with the Los Angeles Galaxy on making David Beckham’s move to the Italian club permanent. What happened to the deadline Major League Soccer gave the Italian giants? If AC Milan was so interested in David Beckham then they would have upped their total on Friday, perhaps they knew that MLS would buckle and they could string this out.

Well I for one can say I’m tired of this whole fiasco and I wonder, would MLS do this with any other player that they currently own? I doubt it, but for some reason they feel that their expensive project player who hasn’t lived up to their expectations should get special treatment. It’s time for MLS to get tough and end all negotiations and force Beckham back to the league and make him play this season, and yes you can look up my past articles where I wanted to end the Beckham Experiment, but I think now that the deadline has passed, the league should make the player own up to his contract.

Well now the so called new deadline deal could be finalized this Friday, but until all papers are signed I’m not too optimistic anything will be complete until March 9th when the loan deal expires. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this issue, should MLS get tough and end all talks or will they continue to be the younger brother that gets pushed around and let AC Milan control the negotiations on their terms?

Jason Pedersen writes for JustSoccerJerseys.com