FOX Sports has premiered its latest promotional video ahead of the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Just like FOX’s first Women’s World Cup commercial, the new video focuses its attention on the US Women’s National Team (are they the only side participating in the 24-team tournament?).

The theme of this one is strange. The 60-second commercial is framed by the tagline, “America has a score to settle.” FOX’s commercial is built on the supposition that the United States has a score to settle because the US Men’s National Team lost to Belgium in extra time in the Round of 16 game at the 2014 World Cup, and now it’s time for the women to try to win the tournament.

Precisely who the US has a score to settle with is unclear. Belgium? The world? Who knows.

By focusing the first 33 seconds of the commercial on the US Men’s National Team, FOX Sports is trying to tap into the tidal wave of support that the USMNT team had during the summer of 2014. But other than the teams playing for the same country, what do the two have in common? Nothing really.

The women’s team doesn’t need to ride the coattails of the men. The USWNT has already won two World Cups and the Olympic Games four times.

It appears that FOX Sports is again trying to appeal to the casual sports fan who is oblivious to the sport. FOX is trying to pander to patriotism in the hopes of convincing mainstream America to watch the USA team play this summer. While it may work for the US games, what happens if the team gets knocked out in the early stages of the tournament? Is FOX Sports putting all of its eggs in one basket?