First off let me congratulate Manchester United on winning the UEFA Champions League on the 50th anniversary of the Munich Air Disaster. Now onto the Championship Playoff Final between Bristol City and Hull City. Tomorrow these two surprise teams will battle at Wembley for the right to be the third club to be promoted to the Premiership. As a Derby fan I know what its like to be full of excitement and hope. The fans are no doubt restless, wrought with nerves and excitement all at once. I’m sure many a pint has already been drunk and many more will be as the night progresses. This is the chance for thier club to be one of the elite, one of those in the top tier of English football.

Bristol City and Hull both have surprised everyone by being in this match but neither are no less deserving. They have played well all season, Hull dominated Watford in thier tie while Bristol City got the job done in extra time against the hottest team in the Championship at the time Crystal Palace. You can throw everything out of the window previous to this match between the two teams, its a one off match and anything can happen. Good luck to both teams, may the fans have a wonderful time as I did last year and when the match is over I will welcome the winner to the Premiership. On Saturday, the League One Playoff Final between Leeds United and Doncaster Rovers will give us the third member coming up the CCC after Swansea City as League One Champs and Nottingham Forest(second place.)