Over 1.2 million viewers tuned in to Telemundo for the final game of the 2015 Women’s World Cup to watch the highly anticipated rematch between the U.S. Women’s National Team and Japan. Called by the legendary Andrés Cantor and Sammy Sadovnik, Telemundo’s ratings saw an increase of 97% from the 2011 final with a staggering 342% increase from the tournament average during the network’s digital stream.

Telemundo has been broadcasting the Women’s World Cup alongside FOX, utilizing their partnership of NBC UNIVERSO and NBCDeportes.com bringing all 52 games in the World Cup across the multiple platforms making it the most games broadcast from a Women’s World Cup for any networks in Spanish-Language media.

Cantor is often seen as one of the most enjoyable broadcasters in soccer today with his famous goal-celebration call being the main reason. The USWNT scored 5 goals on Sunday against Japan, who scored 2 goals themselves, which was likely the reason for a large viewer increase during the last half-hour of the match. Over 1.67 million people tuned in to see the final minutes of the game.

FOX had the rights to broadcast the tournament but Telemundo was often praised for their coverage throughout the games and these increased viewer numbers show a growing interest in the game among Spanish language Americans. 19,328 tuned into the network’s live stream, indicating a change in how people are watching.