Real Madrid’s midfield maestro Guti lit up the Bernabeu stadium tonight with three golden passes that edged his side over Sevilla, 3-2.

In a fantastic match, Real was on fire tonight. Now just two points behind Barcelona, Real Madrid is definitely playing the better football and appears to be unstoppable at the moment while playing a delightful brand of football.

With Sevilla tonight, we saw an uglier side to the third place team with two red cards being issued (one of which was for a substitute who was red carded while warming up along the touchlines). Despite being a man down, Sevilla definitely had their chances to put this game away with Dani Alves, especially, missing practically an open net.

While the English Premiership season ends on Sunday, there are still several weeks to go in La Liga. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the league as much as you would like, definitely catch the action on GolTV every Saturday and Sunday.