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  • Chelsea score 7, Liverpool should have scored 7

And it was Craig Gordon (again) who produced the kind of performance that kept Sunderland from experiencing an embarrassing afternoon, just ask Aston Villa. Such were the fortunes and misfortunes from just 2 of the 9 Premier League matches on offer Saturday and Sunday (with Manchester City and Wigan set to come Monday night).

It was a business as usual weekend as the business end of the season approaches like a tidal wave of anxiety for most Premier League clubs. All remained chuffed in the top 2 of the title race, while Beautiful Passing Gnomes tripped and stumbled away to Birmingham City. But I assure you, the Arsenal continue to remain involved in this title race. An Arsenal win next weekend at home to Wolves and a Chelsea v Manchester United draw would put the top 3 teams on points 73, 72 and 71, respectively. It’s not over yet folks.

Aston Villa have forgotten how to win in recent weeks, while Saturday’s trip to Chelsea saw them forget how to defend. The Blues impressively smashed 7 past Villa, who like last year, seem to be stuttering and stalling towards the finish of the season and continue to remain outside of the top 4. Their lack of depth in squad being the main ingredient of their hesitation.  

  • R words

Rightfully, relegation seems to be on a lot of peoples minds in recent weeks. Realistically, Pompey are down and have ran out, which leaves 2 spots for about 6 teams to row over. Righteously, Hull City won at home and repulsively, West Ham lost yet again in front of their resolute faithful. While we remember the excitement of the title and L4, we remain captivated by Relegation.

Honorable Mentions

Dimitar Berbatov, Manchester United– His most brilliant moment in the game was neither one of his 2 goals, or his leading of the United line whilst Wayne Rooney was left home to rest. Berbatov showed his true skill, when in the 18th minute, he received a ball in from Darren Fletcher on United’s right wing. The often-described “languid” Bulgarian, with his back to goal, caught the ball with his right foot in one smooth, turning motion and volleyed it towards goal only for Jussi Jaaskelainen to save and bobble out for a United corner. It was a breathtaking attempt that surely would have been mentioned for goal of the season if the ball had found the net.

Regardless of his incredible attempt, Berbatov showed his worth for United scoring a brace, the second and third of the day for the Reds which laid claim to all three points after Jloyd Samuel gifted United their 11th OG of the season. I can’t stress again how important it was for Berbatov to have a solid, break-through kind of performance for United when their true leader was out. United will continue to need these kinds of performances from Berbatov as they continue their pursuit of their fourth straight Premier League title and possible third straight appearance in a Champions League final.

Fernando Torres, Liverpool– The Spaniard is rreeaaaaally coming into form as of late for Liverpool at just the right time. Torres has led Liverpool by scoring 7 goals in 4 matches as they now sit in 5th place having jumped ahead of Manchester City (who have 2 games in hand). He scored an incredible goal to open the match at home v Sunderland on Sunday. It was a goal of some class as he slid past his defender coming in from the left and curled a perfectly weighted shot past the in-form Craig Gordon.

If you thought his first was decent, wait until you see his second. Torres wrapped up the scoring and all three crucial points when in the 60th minute his touch and quality were soft and quiet enough to lull a baby to sleep. Torres received a straight ball in the box from Glenn Johnson and took one touch before two Sunderland defenders attempted to close him down. In a moment of brilliance and pure class that only a naturally gifted footballer can possess, Torres timed his soft shot just perfect enough to allow the on-rushing defenders to slide past him and create the space he needed for a clear look on goal. In a split second, the defenders took the bait and Torres calmly slotted home his second of the match. Genius.

Premier League Footballer of the Week

Frank Lampard, Chelsea – Don’t scoff at me, isn’t winning the title what it’s all about? Score 4 goals, assist on another, surge forward in attack all day long and lead your team to a 7-1 thrashing of a potential top 4 team, and you then get the distinct privilege of winning awards, it’s that simple.
Sure, 2 of the 4 were pens (damn fine ones if you ask me), but the other 2 were quality goals from a quality midfielder doing what he does best, getting forward in attack. On Saturday, Frank Lampard became the third highest scorer in Chelsea’s history. AS A MIDFIELDER!
Lampard’s first of the day required a full stretched effort when he was able to meet a Florent Malouda cross that was drilled across the face of goal. Lampard met the ball at the back post after it cleared three Villa defenders, 1-0 Chelsea (oddly enough, Villa’s only goal of the day was quite similar to Chelsea’s first when Ashley Young crossed from the wing across the face of goal for John Carew to tap in).
2 well struck penalties later, Lampard was scoring again in open play as this time he cleaned up scraps that Villa midfielder James Milner left in front of goal. Lampard wanted it more, and Lampard got it. His fourth of the day in a route.
With top players from Chelsea and Manchester United in great form, Saturday’s top 2 clash at Old Trafford is sure to be a massive game that could give us a clearer idea on who’s going to win the title this year. Stay tuned.

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