Blink and you may have missed it, but this past weekend the English Premier League announced that it officially changed the name of its league from the Barclays Premiership to Barclays Premier League.

Previously, the official names used was Barclays Premiership (in the UK) and Barclays Premier League (outside the UK). Now, the EPL has decided to adopt one name worldwide, the Barclays Premier League.

Of course, we can all drop the sponsor’s name from the title, so the consistent name across the globe will be the Premier League. The move makes sense in my opinion. With the NFL, it’s just that. The NFL. There’s no variations of what the league is called, so it’s easier and more cost-effective to build a brand name.

Of course, old habits die hard so you can expect everyone in the UK (and outside) to continue calling the Premier League the ‘Premiership.’

Thanks to reader JeffyHash for bringing the story to my attention.