Welcome to the MLS, Union.

BTW: Wasn’t the ‘Union” one of the names that the league pushed on Seattle??? Anywho, Its a fantastic name and fits Phili perfectly

REVIEW: Wow, this is, awesome. I couldn’t have wished for a better crest. The Crest-in-a-crest feel is more than good. A good mix of sharpness and traditionalism in this logo. The stars are a beautiful touch. The snake is the better part of this logo. Cause you know some nicknames will arise. The blue on blue was predictable (Sons of Ben). But the bronze/beige is there instead of yellow. The beige scares me. Just cross your fingers we don’t get a beige kit for these lads. When it comes to a kit, Ive came up with 4 possible solutions…

1: All Navy Home, Light Blue Away

2: Home Navy and Light Blue vertical stripes (Either reversed or white away)

3: Home White and Light Blue Vertical Stripes (All Navy away)

4: Navy Home, Beige away

Note: behind the “Union Snake” shield there are Blue/Beige Vertical stripes… Possible hint to a kit you might say???

Also, the team scarfs appeared…

Again, beige is a nice accent color, but not a good main one.  The Latin on the second one means “Invite A Pirate” (Thanks Mando!!!). Wish it was more towards a Union or “Don’t Tread on Us”. You cant really put anything regarding the Revolution for obvious reasons.

I’ll be back when the kits are reaslesed!!! Hopefuly.