We all love to argue who is the best player ever to have played the game, with the likes of Diego Maradona, Leo Messi, and Eusebio hot on everyone's lips. But luxury airline Emirates have taken things a step further, asking: Who is ruler of the skies?

Having started an official partnership with the FIFA World Cup back in 2006, Emirates have recently added Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo to their list of global ambassadors, of which Brazilian legend Pelé, one of the All Time Greats, has been since January 2014.

To celebrate Ronaldo's induction into his new role as global ambassador for the airline, Emirates have pitted both footballing greats together on board a plush A380 flight, with the passengers in the on-board lounge deciding for themselves who is the greatest player of all time.

The preening Ronaldo seemed to have all the moves; arrogantly flicking through an article of himself in a magazine, assaulting the barmaid with a dazzling smile, and lapping up the adulation from the two lads sat shell-shocked in the corner.

But all was not as it seemed for the current Ballon d'Or holder, as the 73-year-old Pelé emerged from the shadows chuckling, revealing himself to be top dog in the eyes of those particular punters.

Still, Cristiano got the last laugh, snaring an eager fan for a picture, with the temporarily deposed 'player of the flight', Pelé , doing the honours. Oh, and chuckling some more.

But if we synced their careers up, who would be better, Cristiano Ronaldo or Pelé ?

Lest we forget, former Brazil striker Ronaldo has been given the title of 'the Real' to be said before his name, ensuring the reverence attached to his particular stardom is not overlooked when concerning his Portuguese namesake.

What chance then does 'the fake' Ronaldo have against Pelé, a man who transcends the game in the eyes of so many?

Some of the best footballing quotes are associated with the former Santos sensation, and those of us who weren't around to witness his brilliance must be dumbfounded, considering the words used to describe him from fellow legends of the game:

“I sometimes feel as though football was invented for this magical player.”
Sir Bobby Charlton

“When I saw Pele play, it made me feel I should hang up my boots.”
Just Fontaine

Malcolm Allison: “How do you spell Pele?”
Pat Crerand: “Easy: G-O-D.”
British television commentators during Mexico 1970

Watch the Emirates video and tell us what you think – Will Pele endure for all time? Can the likes of Ronaldo and Messi ever hope to surpass him? See what other people think and join in on the debate on Twitter using #AllTimeGreats, or share you thoughts in the comments below…

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