This was the Original Wales Online Story:

Does Opportunity Knock in US for Bluebirds

I read with some amusement your piece bemoaning the standard of Major League Soccer and American players who have come to the U.K. I would like to point out to you that not every player in MLS is American, in fact 75% of the quality players in MLS that have made the league competitive in international club competitions are in fact foreigners, and mostly hail from South America.

Judging MLS by simply a handful of Americans you have heard of would be like me as a football commentator in this country (which I am: I co-host a twice weekly football radio program) judging the Premier League and Championship simply based on players from the home nations. If I did that I could question openly the standard of your football. It seems British writers simply commentate and consider what is comfortable for them. You fit into this unfortunate pattern with this story. If a player has never played in one of the domestic leagues in the UK, then he must have no value when playing abroad.

Oguchi Onyweu by the way who you list as a yank stinker never played a minute in MLS. He did not work out at St James Park, but how that reflects poorly in MLS is lost on me.

As far as Kenny Cooper is concerned the jury is still out on him which is why he has only been capped twice for the US National Team. In other words he’s over valued right now.

On a lighter note, Swansea and Cardiff provides you with a Championship Derby this year. The world, myself included will be watching this with fascination!

Kartik Krishnaiyer

Co-host American Soccer Show

Champions Soccer Radio Network