Barcelona’s urgency to lock up Cameroonian goalscorer Samuel Eto’o with a long-term contract has increased significantly. Gazzetta dello Sport reported today that AC Milan and the player’s agent have begun talking after the player said this will most likely be the last season for him at the Nou Camp.  For many this is the resentment that the Cameroonian maintains with coach Josep Guardiola after he was being shopped around during the last summer transfer book.  Guardiola did not have him in his plans and that motivated Eto’o to be either at his best level to prove the new coach wrong or to be able to get his big payday with another club down the road.

According to the report, Eto’o does not plan to renew with his club, thus leaving the door open for the Italian side to negotiate without any rush. These talks were preliminary as Milan wants to avoid any type of potential tapping accusations that might fly in their direction in the event that they end up accelerating this process.

Later in the evening Ernesto Bronzetti, a man all too familiar with Spain,  denied these accusations and mentioned that they were only “media rumors”.

There is another big player in the transfer of the former African Player of the Year.  Manchester City has offered 22 million euros for his services.  The Daily Mail reported that City was ready to fork over the money for Eto’o in what could be one of the biggest transfers of the summer book.

Do you think Eto’o will be heading to Milan? Manchester City? Let us know.