Spain’s LaLiga could face a strike later this month.

The league, as well as many teams, are upset over Barcelona and Real Madrid. The two giants still entertain hopes of keeping the European Super League. LaLiga president Javier Tebas organized a meeting with Spain’s sports minister Miquel Iceta regarding the issue.

Also, the meeting involves 14 LaLiga team officials. The meeting date is Monday, Oct. 24. The Athletic claims Atletico Madrid’s Enrique Cerezo and Sevilla’s Jose Castro will be in attendance at the meeting. Hope lies in solving these problems, thereby avoiding any potential strike.

Despite the fact the Super League fell flat immediately after forming in 2021, Barca and Real have plans to resurrect the idea. A22 Sports Management, the firm that currently represents the ESL, even hired a new CEO. A22 hopes Bernd Reichart comes up with a scheme for the league that pleases the clubs and fans.

The ESL has plans to reintroduce the competition within the next three years. Officials from the breakaway league are currently in a legal battle with UEFA. The ESL is claiming that Europe’s governing body of the sport wrongly blocked the formation of the league.

Spain’s LaLiga poised for strike regarding Super League

Spain’s government was originally fully against the formation of a breakaway league. They wanted to preserve LaLiga and keep all parties intact in the domestic league. The government even seemed ready to create an amendment that would essentially stop clubs from forming a new competitive league.

Nevertheless, the government withdrew this amendment. LaLiga officials were obviously less than thrilled about the news. These officials even assume the striking down of the amendment occurred thanks to pressure from the Barca and Real.

The main objective at the upcoming meeting will be to update Spain’s ‘Sports Law.’ This would certainly include adding in the aforementioned amendment to block clubs from creating a new league.

Barca’s Joan Laporta and Real’s Florentino Perez are not expected to be at the meeting.