No Frank Lampard but Inter do have their new kit and doesn’t Javier Zanetti look stunning in his blue with white SWOOSH socks. Captain Zanetti contributed to a mini exhibition, providing ten shirts from his private collection, one for each year from 1998 at this morning’s presentation.

Right off it looks like the biggest change is the away jersey which will be solid white. Absent is that wonderful red cross so many in England mistook for the cross of St. George.

I’ve noticed Matrix is front and centre during the photo op and other than Amantino Mancini
one wonders if Mourinho will inject more new blood into the very talented lineup.

If additional trades are to happen surely it will be very soon so stay tuned Inter faithful.

Finally, good to see Adriano back hopefully he can turn his career around this season I’m of the opinion if Mourinho can’t get the best out of him no one can.

Inter and Nike celebrated their ten-year partnership at today’s presentation.