How well do you know your favorite Premier League team? Do you consider yourself an expert, or are there parts of the club’s history, achievements or stadium that you need to brush up on? Either way, a new, fun quiz called ‘How Well Do You Know Your Team?’ is a perfect way to test your knowledge.

Test your wits with the 10-question quiz. And once you’ve taken a couple of minutes to complete it, you’ll see how well you did, while your score will be averaged with the results from other participants. Then you can review the leader board to see which Premier League clubs have the most knowledgeable fans. So far, as of press time, Crystal Palace fans are atop the leader board while Stoke City fans are bringing up the rear.

No matter how well you think you know your team, the How well do you know your team quiz from Ladbrokes will put your knowledge to the test by asking tough questions about granular facts such as who were your club’s record signings, how many times your club have completed a league double over certain teams, and much more.

Plus, after you’re done playing, you can enter to win a stadium tour by sharing your score with your friends on social media.