This is what I have been screaming about for a good while now. It’s not just tactics, formations and who’s favorite players get to start the match all of the time. It’s about showing your pride for playing World Class Football against some of the top nations and showing your pride in the shield on the shirt as well as the flag for your country. From the start of the second half against Italy all the way to the end of the match against Brazil the majority of our boys looked un-inspired and didn’t feel like going out on the pitch and perform. Well with a couple of replacements and giving some other players that we have been screaming for to start and get a chance we have to give credit where credit is due.

Finally Charlie Davies who has been playing his club football in Sweden and how many times we have been screaming for him to play either with the Olympic team or the National Team he showed why he is considered a threat up top when given a chance. That 21st minute goal he toe poked shows that he didn’t give up on the play at all. He was determined to get that goal not just for himself, but for the USA. A solid effort all match long for him being a terror to the Egyptions till he was subbed out. At this point in time I think he should be starting up top instead of Altidore till he gets regular minutes with Villarreal.

As most of you know I have been a heavy critic of Clint Dempsey as of late and I have my reasons. But I think we have finally seen the re-birth of Deuce and he showed slowly at the start of the match up to the 71st minute when he scored that goal that the fire has returned. It felt pretty good to see him bring that emotion back. That is the Clint Dempsey we know and love. That is the Clint Dempsey that we should all expect once he puts on the shirt for the USA.

Brad Guzan looked strong and stellar in the net to give Tim Howard a break and he is showing that he can be a strong #2 as well as challenge Timmy as the #1. But once again Aston Villa of the Premiership has to give him some consistant minutes so he can have that sharpness for the National Team when he gets called up.

Michael Bradley got a fabulous ball from Landon Donovan to place it past the keeper of Egypt and I have to say that it was a great Father’s Day present for Bob who for the first time we have seen him show some emotion on the bench which is pretty hard to do, but I guess with your backs against the wall for a must needed victory along with scoring three goals it can make you gallop down the line and doing the Jose Mourinho happy dance is just fine by me.

Does all of this mean that everything is forgiven? No. This was a solid match that honestly should’ve showed up against Brazil and the start of the second half against Italy. They got some much needed help from the other Group B match where five time World Cup champions Brazil tore down the Blue Azzurri wall. Let’s also give credit where credit is due once again. We know that were unable to have the visual abillity to see the African Cup of Nations Tournament or are aware of how some of the players from the African Confederation performs outside of MLS. Egypt came to play and they came guns-a-blazing against Brazil & Italy, but at the end of the day they did run out of gas. If Egypt does qualify for the World Cup and they face the USA. I would love to see how these two sides would really handle the challenge. But now we have another match against another top ten power in European Cup Champions Spain. It really doesn’t matter now about the result of the match, formations or tactics anymore ladies and gentleman it’s about having the heart & passion to step on that field and give it your all. I don’t want them to feel defeated as soon as they step on the pitch. That will be there downfall before they can get there formations and tactics straightened out.