Tabloid newspapers have a bad reputation in America, which means that most cities only have a boring broadsheet. That’s a shame because sports are more fun to follow with a bit of sensationalism and bold graphics. Let’s take a look at how the Portuguese papers, and some American ones, are pumping us up for today’s big match.

Lisbon’s Record outdoes all other papers today with its intense message of “Today – KILL KILL.” It’s no understatement as it truly is due or die for the Portuguese today, Their manager Paulo Bento is well-aware, saying “We either win, or start to pack.” But from the picture it’s hard to tell if Ronaldo is baring his teeth for war or puckering up for a smooch from his girl Irina Shayk.

A Bola’s (see top of the page) channels some classic American optimism today. But their graphic designer delivers a poorly executed imitation of artist Shep Fairey’s iconic 2008 Barack Obama image. Although with Adobe’s new subscription model, it wouldn’t be surprising if they couldn’t afford Photoshop.

In contrast to A Bola, O Jogo leads with a super-crisp picture.  Bento wants his squad to macho-up to endure the heat, humidity, and Americans, saying “We need to see a team of men.”

The broadsheet Diaro De Noticias goes with the tamer “Ronaldo Time” paired with a picture of the superstar in prayer.

Across the Atlantic in America we have few tabloids that compare with Europe’s. It’s no coincidence that New York is our media capital as it boasts two of the best tabloids in the country, the Daily News and the New York Post. They both deliver exciting and excellent back pages today, reflecting the anticipation for a showdown that will unite the U.S. in a way few other sports can match.

The OC Register is one of the few broadsheets to put the game on its front page. Disappointingly, none of the Newark, NJ and Providence, RI papers lead with anything on the game despite their large Portuguese-American Communities.