The news that many soccer fans who own Android devices have been waiting to hear can finally be revealed. FOX Soccer 2Go will be available on Android devices later this week according to a FOX Soccer spokesperson.

FOX Soccer 2Go is FOX Soccer’s streaming service that offers paid customers access to live Premier League, Champions League and other leagues and cup competitions. With this week’s release of FOX Soccer 2Go for Android devices, FOX Soccer 2Go will be available on several platforms computers (both PC and Mac), iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and now Android phones and tablets.

There’s also good news for FOX Soccer 2Go subscribers who have iOS devices. FOX Soccer is waiting on Apple to approve its newest upgrade to the app which will feature on-demand matches as well as the previously available live streaming option.

As soon as we learn when the Android app and iOS upgrades are live, we’ll post a message on EPL Talk.

Last but not least, FOX Soccer will be launching a 7-day free trial of FOX Soccer 2Go beginning on Friday, August 17, so you’ll have a perfect opportunity to give the platform a test drive for this opening weekend of Premier League matches.