It’s been a couple weeks since I initially posted but I’m back with some predictions for the European Championships (13 days away).

Group A: Winner – Portugal; Runner-up – Switzerland

Group B: Winner – Germany; Runner- up – Croatia

Group C: Winner – Netherlands; Runner-up – Italy

Group D: Winner – Spain; Runner-up – Russia

Final Four: Portugal v. Germany;  Netherlands v. Spain

Final: Germany v. Netherlands

Winner: Netherlands

I really have no rhyme or reason for these predictions – these are simply just hunches.  I know everyone loves predictions so I’m putting them out here more or less to get them out of the way.  I’m sure that within the first round of games, I’ll be hopelessly off the mark.  I know that other pundits have Spain as a winner because of the impressive collection of talent but something about Spain as well as Portugal has always failed to impress me in big tournaments.  Thoughts?