ESPN scored impressive viewing numbers for its live coverage of Euro 2016 this past weekend, averaging 1,249,500 viewers per game across six matches.

The numbers were even more impressive considering that several smaller countries were competing in the games such as Wales, Northern Ireland, Switzerland, Slovakia and Hungary. The strong numbers for those countries point to viewers being interested in the games and ESPN’s coverage no matter which countries are participating. For example, the 1.359 million who watched Wales against Northern Ireland is testament to that.

So far, to date, ESPN’s coverage of Euro 2016 is averaging 722,786 viewers per game.

The viewing numbers for Monday’s Italy-Spain and England-Iceland games will be revealed tomorrow. In the meantime, ESPN will be looking forward to this week’s Euro 2016 quarterfinals which should generate excellent numbers featuring Poland-Portugal (Thursday, 3pm ET), Wales-Belgium (Friday, 3pm ET), Germany-Italy (Saturday, 3pm ET) and France-Iceland (Sunday, 3pm ET).

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Here are the viewing numbers for the games played this weekend:

Friday, June 25

Switzerland vs. Poland, ESPN, 9-11am ET; 870,000 viewers

Wales vs. Northern Ireland, ESPN, 12-2pm ET; 1,359,000 viewers

Crostia vs. Portugal, ESPN, 3-5pm ET; 1,593,000 viewers

Saturday, June 26

France vs. Ireland, ESPN, 9-11am ET; 1,099,000 viewers

Germany vs. Slovakia, ESPN, 12-2pm ET; 1,403,000 viewers

Hungary vs. Belgium, ESPN, 3-5pm ET; 1,263,000 viewers

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