The kickoff is just over three hours away, and there are already throngs of fans walking around Emirates Stadium. In the next hour, I’ll be meeting up with the blokes from ArsenalAmerica and will be reporting later tonight via the podcast.

Day four of my tour of England has been a long one. I made the trek down into South East London to uncover a former football ground of a current Premiership side (and you’ll never guess who). The trip was fascinating, so I’ll hold the suspense until later tonight and will explain more during the podcast (as well as uploading more images from the trip).

BBC Lancashire has published the second in a series of articles by me about my experiences at Ewood Park. You can read the second and final one here.

I’m 95% convinced that I’ll opt out of the trip from London to Newcastle for the Celta da Vigo match. I didn’t receive too many responses from fans telling me to go and no words of encouragement for Newcastle United fans, so I’ll instead stay in London and will uncover more football stories down here.

Earlier today, I also visited The Valley, Charlton Athletic’s ground. More about that on tonight’s podcast.

Walking around London this afternoon, the headline is Magnusson’s takeover of West Ham. Other than and the referee controversy from Sunday, it has seemed to be a slow news week. I’m sure that’ll change after tonight’s Champions League match.