According to a report coming out of England tonight, David Beckham has decided that his Miami MLS team will temporarily play at Sun Life Stadium before moving to a brand-new 75,000 seater stadium that will be built with money from David Beckham and his investors.

If true, it’s a logical move by Beckham. Sun Life Stadium, even as a temporary home, offers the best location, facilities and easy access for soccer fans throughout South Florida compared to Marlins Park (which doesn’t possess a conducive experience for watching soccer games in a stadium designed for baseball) and FIU Stadium (which is located too far for soccer fans from Broward and Palm Beach Counties).

The land that Beckham has identified for the 75,000-seat stadium hasn’t been revealed, but a source close to Beckham said:

“It’s such an exciting project, he has found some land and it’s pretty much all ready to go.

“It will be a special stadium, really up to date. Hopefully it will be used for concerts too. David wants it to be a real spectacle in Miami.”

But before soccer fans in South Florida start getting too excited, a couple of things in the article don’t make sense. First, building a stadium that has a 75,000 capacity seems out of character for a MLS team. A stadium with a capacity of 20,000-30,000 would be more realistic. If Beckham wants a 75,000-seat stadium, why not make Sun Life Stadium the permanent home (other than the fact that Sun Life Stadium wouldn’t be owned by him, and that the stadium doesn’t have a hotel and shops that could be planned for Beckham’s stadium)? Second, the article mentions a 2015 launch date for the Miami MLS team, which is far too aggressive considering that it wouldn’t provide the team with much time to get everything lined up to launch successfully. MLS Commissioner Don Garber said on Tuesday that he could see the Miami team coming on board in either 2017 or 2018.

Having said that, Miami could be ready to launch in 2015 to coincide with the 2015 launch of Orlando City.

Who wants to bet that Beckham will make an announcement in Kansas City at MLS Cup on December 7?