Uh oh. I’ve typed the wrong title. I have already done the most horrible thing that any blogger or pundit has said in favor of Bob Bradley. I can already feel every single US Supporters anger being directed at me for this report because I have done the un-thinkable. I am supporting Bob Bradley and all the comments towards me will be negative or worse, down right insulting from everything that was written in the book of curse words and doing something very nasty. But honestly, I will always come up with something better so don’t start.

But let’s get serious for a moment and this is a serious thing when you’re talking about the Head Coach of the US Men’s National Team. The highest coaching position in all of US Soccer. This man has done something that most of you who have been against him from the start never expected. He has grown into the position as the top coach of the National Team and he has done so with flying colors. For the second straight tournament in this calendar year he has led the USA into two Championship Finals with the best starting eleven in the Confederations Cup as well as a “B” side in this version of the CONCACAF Gold Cup.

We all remember after the Bruce Arena era officially ended after the 2006 World Cup that US Soccer was looking for his successor and wanted former German National Team coach Jurgen Klinsmann to replace Arena for the 2010 cycle. Everything was near completion as the I’s were dotted, but sadly the T’s weren’t crossed as Klinsmann walked away from Soccer House in Chicago and decided to take the Bayern Munich job in the German Bundasliga. With no other big named coach available to take over the position US Soccer President Sunil Gulati decided to go with second fiddle Bob Bradley as the interim head coach and the loud groans from all supporters were already thinking we were doomed. All of a sudden everyone was screaming that we had a Bruce Arena clone. A robot that showed no emotion. A Big Soccer Poster named Namdynamo that said Bradley was a loser because he coached the MetroStars for three seasons and that he would do the same thing with the US National Team. The empty bucket formation that all of you love to phrase because we didn’t have that central attacking midfielder to give service to our strikers.

I can keep on going and going and going, but I have been supporting Bob Bradley since he got the job and yes I was very critical of him during the Brazil Group B match in this past Confederations Cup till he got his tactics & formations correct against Egypt. Then the ultimate victory over European Cup Champions Spain & being ahead by two goals to nil at the half against the five time World Cup Champions in Brazil before coughing up three in the final.

Sometimes you have to understand whatever Bradley has in camp that’s what he has to work with and so far for the most part he has done a very good job and deserves all the praise he has gotten. At the same time I’m hoping to hear out of Dave Denholm’s mouth that he will give Bob Bradley some credit during one of Kartik Krishnaiyer’s MLS Talk Podcasts. Let’s look at this squad in the 2009 Gold Cup. Out of all the players that’s been used and those who were forced to leave to play with their European clubs like Steve Cherundolo, Charlie Davies, Freddy Adu & Benny Feilhaber who was only used against Honduras in DC for their Group B play the extra seven roster spots that CONCACAF has handed to Bob Bradley from playing in the Confederations Cup only Feilhaber was used. Bradley has said he will use these players from the original roster to reach the final and so far they have done a terrific job.

Reading the headlines from around the globe discussing how the USA defeated Spain in the Semi-Finals of the Confederations Cup England National Team head coach Fabio Capello was so surprised to hear this news he told the BBC that he had to get the tapes to see how they defeated Spain. After this man spat at Major League Soccer and our players I hope the tape got burned so he never gets a chance to plan against the Spanish.

If most of you thought we needed a European or South American coach to get our players to the next level in International Football, well guess what people you are sadly mistaken. Bob Bradley has done the job and he will lead our players into the 2010 World Cup once we have officially qualified. But right now we have two matches against our biggest rival in CONCACAF coming up within two weeks and four days. The Gold Cup Final on Sunday, July 26th at Giants Stadium & the road World Cup Qualifier at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City on Wednesday, August 12th. It’s time to see Bob Bradley plan for Mexico in the Gold Cup Final and attempt to take home another Confederational Trophy.