Bayern Munich have failed in their attempt to overturn the ban imposed on Franck Ribery who is now confirmed to miss the Champions League final in Madrid. This is considered as a big blow for the Bavarian club considering the French star was hitting form in the latter stages of the Bundesliga and the Champions League.

Ribery was sent-off against Lyon for a stamp and was given a three-match suspension by UEFA. Bayern attempted to get the ban reduced yet UEFA turned down the German club’s initial appeal leaving the Germans with no option but to resort to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). Unfortunately for Bayern, CAS decided against overturning the suspension and the Bavarians will now have to take on Inter without one of their star players. Ribery’s absence will be felt considering most of the attention will now turn to fellow star Arjen Robben who will probably be given special treatment by the Nerazzurri. The advantage for Inter is the fact they do not have to divide their attention between the two stars and can now focus on restricting the movement and opportunities falling for the Dutchman.

Inter were able to contain Barcelona’s star Lionel Messi who is considered by many as the world’s best play on current form. As such it will not shocking if the Nerazzurri succeeding in taking Robben out of the game with some tight marking or perhaps by limiting the number of times he actually gets the ball from his teammates. Bayern will be looking to Robben for creativity and the Nerazzurri will aim to cut the supply of passes to the Dutchman in order to deprive him of the opportunity to threaten Inter’s goal.

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