This week has been a good one for AFC Wimbledon. After beating Plymouth Argyle 2 -0 on Monday, they have been promoted to League 1. This will be their 6th promotion in their very short existence. AFC Wimbledon has only been around for the past 14 years, and have been quite an underdog in the in industry.

After the match, the team was whisked off to Las Vegas for a party celebrating their promotion. This was all paid for by some mystery supporter. But chief executive of the football club, Erik Samuelson, has no time for such festivities and was back at his office planning and revising their budget for the future, which would include things like police presence that was not needed previously for matches. What a dedicated executive, but what a pity he missed out on all the fun. We can only hope that he took a break from his work to play some online casino games at https:\/\/ since he had elected to forgo the trip to Vegas himself. Euro Palace’s progressive games lets you play the casino games you love remotely, so you do not need to be in Vegas, or at a nearby casino to have a good time and win some money. Progressive games are also great because the jackpot increases with every round you play!

No one knows who this mystery benefactor of the Vegas party is. Some suspect it is John Green who is best known as the author of young adult fiction like The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns –both of which are now major feature films. Green, along with his brother Hank Green and their online community of ‘nerdfighters’ raised money to sponsor the team; this kept them alive and functioning in hard economic times. Green liked the story of the team that refused to give up, and had a giant fighting spirit. Green is planning a movie about AFC Wimbledon and their historic move that they overcame, and their subsequent rise up the ranks of English soccer. The move happened when dire financial circumstances necessitated them moving West and being renamed at the Milton Keynes Dons. After the move, supporters and fans in the community to replace the original Wimbledon FC team they had lost to form the new AFC Wimbledon team we know today. This story shows us the power of community and what can be achieved when people come together with a common goal and love for soccer.

Now a third tier English soccer team, AFC Wimbledon has many obstacles ahead of them. Now playing in a more difficult and prestigious league, for example. They will be going from being the ‘big fish in the small pond’ to the ‘small fish in the big pond’ so to speak. While they have a long road ahead of them, if anyone can pull it off it has to be a team that is as spunky and tenacious as AFC Wimbledon has been throughout their existence.