Sometimes rivalries, hate, and revenge aren’t the only things that allow violence to destroy a spectacle.  There are cases in which violence is generated based on incompetence.  When justice is given out in such a haphazard way, that in the end it ruins the spectacle it makes many people angry.  That was the case when Recreativo Linense were beating  1-0 in the regional first division of the southern province of Cadiz- that is before referee Jose Manuel Barro Escandón stopped the match.
Escandón had already issued one red card before a fight broke out between two players.  The conflict escalated into a brawl involving several players from both teams as well as spectators who invaded the pitch.  After the pitch became a battlefield, the referee stopped the match and fleed to the safety of the changing rooms.  According to his post-match report, he stated that he had sent off 19 players.
According to an interview by The Telegraph, Linense coach Sebastian Naranjo said the red cards were unjustifed: “After the altercation between Francis and Aguilar, there were no clashes.
“The players who intervened, and even the spectators, were just trying to see that things didn’t get worse. I don’t know what got into the guy [the referee].”