One of the biggest frustrations when watching ESPN+ is trying to figure out how to avoid spoilers.

It is a blessing and a curse to have so much soccer content on ESPN+. When flipping through the selection of fixtures, ESPN shows the score. For games we do not plan on watching, it is a useful tool to get a glimpse at the scores from around the grounds.

However, if we accidentally see a scoreline for a game we want to watch, it takes away some of the suspense and intrigue.

Fortunately, ESPN+ solved those issues.

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In a welcomed feature to ESPN+, users and subscribers on ESPN+ can toggle the menu to not show the latest scores in the app. Therefore, you do not have the excitement of watching a game spoiled by a premature scoreline.

Note that this action is applicable to ESPN+ on certain devices. Those are smart TVs such as Roku, Apple TV, SamsungTV, Comcast X1 or X1 Flex, Android TV and Fire TV. This feature also works on devices such as Xbox and your smartphone.

Pictured above, you will also notice the asterisk that allows users to start from the beginning of the program. While turning off the live scores is a possibility regardless of device, all Roku users need to do is hit the asterisk, or star, on the Roku remote. This takes you directly to a menu. There, you can select to watch the game live, or play it from the beginning

However, if you are more focused on how to stop spoilers on ESPN+, it is fairly straightforward as well.

How to avoid ESPN+ spoilers

The process for turning the live scores on or off is the same regardless of device.

Once inside the ESPN app, make your way over to the gear icon, which is the settings of the platform. After that, make your way down to the video setting selection. Click on the video settings, and it opens a new window. One of the selections there is the live scores toggle. Turn that off or on, depending on your preference.

If you decide to leave it on, scores air beneath the small windows for each game on the selection screen. If it is off, all you see are the mini-players and the teams involved underneath. There is no score indicated. If you have a Roku, you can easily jump back into the beginning of a game if it is currently happening using the aforementioned asterisk on the remote.

Of course, ESPN+ also has on-demand soccer games available for subscribers, where the spoilers can truly come into play.