Some players are historic for their designation as one of the biggest transfer flops of all time.

Generally speaking, it is a fairly harsh judgment. Players do not decide what their transfer fee is when clubs switch them around. In fact, there can be times when a player may not be the one forcing a move. Same goes the other way, though. Sometimes, players force their way out and yield lower transfer fees. In doing so, their criticism may be lower in hindsight.

In any case, transfers are part of the modern game. Certain players hike up the average fees, leading to exorbitant costs for players compared to previous generations.

Sometimes, those transfer fees wildly exceed the output on the new team. Whether that be goals, lack of effectiveness or just not fitting in, some players do not work out. And, with the commonality of transfers in the modern day, there are transfer flops each year in each league throughout the world.

Biggest transfer flops of all time

When taking into account both the cost and the performance with the new team, we want to know your takes. Who is the biggest transfer flop of all time?

If you are asking me, a Barcelona fan, there are a number of options to choose from. Personally, I attribute that to Philippe Coutinho to the Camp Nou in 2018 for just shy of $150 million. Again, this is not entirely the fault of Coutinho. Injuries and exceedingly high expectations put the Brazilian under the microscope. Plus, it is hard to compare Coutinho to the likes of Neymar or Kylian Mbappé, the only players to have higher transfer fees.

There are likely a fair few factors you consider when picking your selection for the biggest transfer flop of all time. Your favorite team is among them. Yet, you may also pick based off of the transfer fee itself. For example, is Neymar’s crazy transfer fee to Barcelona truly worth what we see at the Parisian club? Probably not, but there is more than just performance on the pitch that comes into account for transfers.

So, use the comment section below to let us know your selection for the biggest flop.

PHOTO: Xavier Bonilla/NurPhoto via Getty Images