Hotels in Lyon almost sold out for Europa League final

Supporters of Olympique Marseille and Atlético Madrid planning to travel to Lyon for next week’s Europa League final can still find available hotel rooms, according to French website However, they will have to tolerate significant rate hikes for the privilege.

For those wishing to stay overnight in Lyon following the final on Wednesday 16 May, about 5% of Lyon hotels still have availability at the time of writing. Prices for rooms in the city centre are currently starting at around €250 Euros – almost 300% more expensive than on an average Wednesday in Lyon.

Some hotels are putting their rates up even higher, counting on the likelihood of all rooms in the city selling out completely. For example, Fourvière Hotel, located above the Old Town of Lyon, is asking for an eye-popping €840 Euros for a double room on 16 May, whereas you would normally pay less than €200 at the same hotel.

On the plus side, more affordable hotels are still available in smaller towns in the Greater Lyon area. Allovoyages found that in Meyzieu and Saint-Priest, rooms can still be found for below €200 Euros. Both towns are less than 30-minutes from Lyon by train. You can check train times at the official website for transport in Lyon.

For those wanting to spend two nights in Lyon following the match, there is more availability and at more affordable rates. For example, you can still find a room in a centrally located 3-star hotel for around €300 euros for the nights of 16 and 17 May.

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