Most-watched Copa America Centenario games on FOX Sports


Now that we’ve been able to collect all of the TV ratings data for Copa America Centenario, we can now reveal the most-watched Copa America Centenario games that were televised on FOX Sports.

Not surprisingly, the USA-Argentina semi-final was the most-watched game. Also, other than the Copa America Centenario final, the US Men’s National Team ruled the roost in terms of the most-watched TV viewing audiences.

Here are the most-watched Copa America Centenario games on FOX Sports:

TeamsChannelViewing avg.
USA vs. ArgentinaFS13,290,000
Argentina vs. ChileFS12,997,000
USA vs. ParaguayFS12,061,000
USA vs. EcuadorFS11,878,000
USA vs. ColombiaFX1,670,000
USA vs. Costa RicaFS11,600,000
USA vs. ColombiaFS11,536,000
Mexico vs. ChileFX1,102,000
Argentina vs. VenezuelaFX1,035,000
Colombia vs. ChileFS1971,000
Brazil vs. PeruFS1879,000
Argentina vs. ChileFS1862,000
Mexico vs. JamaicaFS1779,000
Argentina vs. BoliviaFS1770,000
Mexico vs. VenezuelaFS1763,000
Colombia vs. ParaguayFS1739,000
Colombia vs. PeruFS1734,000
Costa Rica vs. ParaguayFOX731,000
Jamaica vs. VenezuelaFOX710,000
Chile vs. PanamaFS1665,000
Brazil vs. HaitiFS1624,000
Mexico vs. UruguayFS1619,000
Brazil vs. EcuadorFS1598,000
Uruguay vs. VenezuelaFS1589,000
Colombia vs. Costa RicaFS2407,000
Uruguay vs. JamaicaFS1392,000
Panama vs. BoliviaFS1365,000
Ecuador vs. HaitiFS2267,000
Ecuador vs. PeruFS2148,000
Haiti vs. PeruFS2138,000
Chile vs. BoliviaFOXNot available
Argentina vs. PanamaFOXNot available

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