QPR progress report after 10 Championship games


As the 2015/16 Championship season progresses, the QPR rollercoaster has yet to pull into the station to let its fans off for a moment of relief. This international break, on the back of a dramatic 4-3 last second victory over Bolton, is just another long slow climb up the hill to the next match against Birmingham City. Where will the ride go from there? No one is quite sure.

QPR have become so unpredictable, it is impossible to tell. One thing is for sure though, no other team is playing like Queens Park Rangers this season.  Having scored 18 goals and conceded 20, QPR have capped the end of both categories for the Championship and have to be, by far, the most entertaining club for any neutrals as they are certain to always see goals.

A back and forth encounter with Blackburn, a solid display away to Hull City and another humiliating defeat at Craven Cottage, topped off by the heart attack of a match against Bolton Wanderers, place the club 11th in the table. At times, it feels like we should be higher in the league, but probably deserve to be lower, yet 11th seems a fair result. Our goalscoring prowess is undeniable, but very few of our results have been from dominate displays. Seven of our 15 points have been in situations where the team have had to come from behind from 2-0 down on two occasions.

Rangers are conceding an average of two goals a game, and while scoring almost two a game has helped keep them close to the playoff positions, dry spells always seem to happen eventually. Whether due to injury or bad luck or for just no apparent reason, QPR will inevitably stop scoring so freely at some point. Conversely, teams do not magically stop conceding goals for no reason. The defense has to be sorted out or things will go south quickly. If Rangers didn’t have the firepower to turn their results around, they would be fighting relegation.

Many Queens Park Rangers fans are already calling for Chris Ramsey’s head, and while I still think he needs more time some of his decisions have not impressed me.

I’ll start with his lineup decisions. Karl Henry has stared in almost every game and has been awful in almost every game. Injured all through preseason and made to look like he’d never even get a chance due to summer signings, for some unknown reason Ramsey has decided he is the best option in midfield. Slow, poor at passing, offers nothing going forward and seems to have forget how to defend, hopefully Sandro will soon take his place.

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