The United States home shirt for 2015 from Nike is a monochrome shirt, according to a leaked image that appears to be legitimate.

The leaked image from the reliable Todo Sobre Camisetas website, which has been reliable in the past, reveals the jersey that the US Women’s National Team will be wearing in 2015. Since the design for the US away shirt is the same for both the women’s and men’s national teams, that means the monochrome design will be worn by the USMNT too.

Nike, who have been the subject of a lot of love and hate from US soccer fans based on its experimental designs and lack of consistency for the US team from year to year, will feel the scorn from US fans again if the leaked image turns out to be real.

While we would like to think that this is a practical joke from Nike or some Photoshop artists, we’ll have to wait for the next several weeks to find out whether it’s real or not.

Why can’t Nike go back to the Centennial jersey design and create something as classic as that?