Manchester City has extended the loan of Frank Lampard from New York City FC until the end of the 2014/15 season.

In a blow to NYCFC and MLS, Lampard — who was originally scheduled to join the brand-new MLS club in January for preseason training — will miss the start of MLS season in March through until the end of May or early June when he returns from England. The Premier League season ends on May 24, but it’s possible that Lampard may play a role in cup competitions after the EPL season ends if City advances, further jeopardizing the date of his arrival in the US. The 2014/15 FA Cup Final will be played on May 30, while the UEFA Champions League Final is set for June 6.

In a brief statement released by Manchester City, the club said “that it has extended Frank Lampard’s contract up to the end of Manchester City’s season, enabling his continued participation in both domestic and European campaigns.”

Lampard is included in tomorrow’s squad to face Sunderland at the Etihad Stadium.

As New York City FC’s first marquee signing, the decision by Manchester City (and presumably) New York City FC to extend Frank Lampard’s loan in England until as late as June is a public relations nightmare for the MLS team, firmly demonstrating how much more of a priority the Abu Dhabi United Group is placing on Manchester City over New York City FC despite the organizations being positioned by the hierarchy as “sister clubs.”

In an official statement released by MLS, league president Mark Abbott said “Frank Lampard’s performance at Manchester City reaffirms that he is one of world’s elite midfielders and we look forward to him joining NYCFC during the 2015 season.”

For a club that marketed season tickets to soccer fans in the New York area based on Frank Lampard and David Villa being their marquee players to launch the team, New York City FC’s decision to allow Manchester City to extend Lampard’s loan is a slap in the face to New Yorkers, MLS and American soccer.

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