Which 2 Teams Will Reach the World Cup Final?

From 32 teams at the beginning of the 2014 World Cup, the tournament has now been narrowed down to the four teams that have qualified for the semi-final.

Who will it be that will reach the final? Will it be . . .



Germany, or


All four teams have encountered difficult opponents during the run to the semi-final, but Argentina, Brazil, Germany and Netherlands have managed to stay undefeated thus far. That will change on Tuesday and Wednesday next week when the losing teams from the semi-finals will go home.

The semi-finals next week will be:


Brazil vs Germany, 4pm ET/1pm PT


Argentina vs Netherlands, 4pm ET/1pm PT

The question is, for you, which two teams do you think will qualify for the World Cup Final?

Vote in the poll below.

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Then share your opinions below regarding:

• Who you want to see in the final,
• Who deserves to be in the final,
• Who you think will meet in the final.


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