Roberto Martinez Interview: Everton Boss Believes Premier League B Teams Will Improve English Football [AUDIO]

Everton manager Roberto Martinez believes the way to improve England’s national team is to introduce a Premier League “B” Circuit. The idea of this “B” league is tentatively titled League 3 and has the backing of FA Chairman Greg Dyke. Martinez believes that B teams can work in England “100 percent” and states the reasons in the Followtonian’s podcast.

Martinez is a proponent of the new system due to seeing it reap great rewards in his native Spain. He believes the national teams of Spain, France, Netherlands, and Germany have built in advantages due to clubs having B sides. Another reason for Martinez’s advocacy for a new B League is due to his experiences as a player. Martinez made his debut for the B side of Real Zaragoza and believes it was instrumental in his development.

Under Greg Dyke’s proposal, B teams would be created and entered into League 3. The B sides would adhere to the rules of promotion and relegation. There would be restrictions on these clubs, barring them from participating in the FA Cup and for achieving promotion in League One. It is a revolutionary idea for English football and one that stands against the tradition of the game in that country.

As always, listening to Martinez speak is a pleasure. Hats off to the Followtonians for securing an interview with the Everton boss. If you didn’t get a chance to listen to the first interview from earlier this year, it’s a must-listen. Meanwhile, here’s the second interview:


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