Two weeks ago, you may have seen TV footage or photos on social media of a group of supporters dressed in black and wearing what appeared to be hooded robes at the match at Stamford Bridge between Chelsea and Manchester City. The eleven men who were sitting together in the Shed End were also spotted in the past two weeks at home matches for Bayern Munich and Juventus.

The surreal appearances were followed by an equally ‘mysterious circles’ interview with Franz Beckenbauer where, in the interview, he claimed that he believed in aliens and that he was convinced that they are a threat to our planet.

In the bizarre video, see footage below, the German soccer legend predicts that, in the future, aliens will have the most powerful soccer team in the world, and that he has found a way to protect us and the soccer world from these supernatural beings.

Well you may have seen the interview footage of Franz Beckenbauer and his predictions of an upcoming football war against a team of aliens, who he has named the most powerful team. Beckenbauer has found a way to protect us earthlings and the football world from these supernatural beings so we can finally get to the bottom of this footballing mystery and prevent any further attack from taking place!

In our own research, we've found people tweeting about the phenomenon using the hashtag #WINNERTAKESEARTH So, it's just not us who have noticed these strange developments.

What is going on? Has Der Kaiser lost his marbles? Where did these mysterious guys, these monks in black robes, come from? Do you believe in extra terrestrials? And what are the links between the monks and mysterious sightings that have been taking place across the globe? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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