Marouane Fellaini’s talent and immense potential are being wasted at Everton. The big Belgian midfielder has put himself on the radar of many huge clubs in Europe, most notably Manchester City, Chelsea, and Spurs. Everton is rumored to list his value at £30 million pounds, so whatever club tries to snatch him up will be in for a huge budget hit.

Is Fellaini really worth the £30 million Everton is rumored to have listed him at? Yes, he is. Despite a poor performance against Wigan Athletic in the FA Cup loss Saturday, Fellaini is an imposing force in the center of the pitch, able to play any central midfielder role. Listed at 6 feet 4 inches, Fellaini is deadly in the air and from set pieces. His excellent technique and vision also make him a threat to set up any attacker in a scoring position.

But with the positives also come the negative. Fellaini has a temper about him, which showed when he provided a nasty headbutt on Ryan Shawcross that saw him banned for three games. He also isn’t the paciest of players, which lets him down at times.

The positives do outweigh the negatives though, and Fellaini has proven time and time again he is going to be a great player for years to come, whether it’s kicking about Nike footballs in European leagues or playing for Belgium at the highest international level. In 2011, the Belgian had a breakout season. Recording the second most tackles of any player in the Premier League and gaining possession 190 times, the most of any player in the Premier League. He also recorded the most tackles, passes completed and aerial duels won out of any player at Everton that season.

So why should Fellaini leave Everton? To grow as a player, he needs to compete against not only the best in England but the best in Europe. Fellaini has the potential to become a dominant central midfielder on a consistent basis but he needs to sharpen his skills. Fellaini needs a move away to a club where he can learn on the field from more experienced world class players. At Everton, he does not have that luxury as he is primarily the centerpiece for that club.

Champions League football is Fellaini’s main goal, and at Everton he will more than likely not attain that for years to come, and by that time he won’t be at a ripe age to fully grow into the player many can see him becoming.

So where should Fellaini go? And where are his most likely landing spots? The two clubs mentioned above are my top bets. Manchester City would love to have Fellaini — a young player who can push forward and attack but is very comfortable with playing a holding role, much like Yaya Toure. He fits the mold of the type of player that Roberto Mancini likes, and that’s a plus. And we all know City have the funds to pay his high transfer fee. Chelsea are also a very likely destination for Fellaini, who would provide a great holding midfield presence. Chelsea bought flair in their last summer window, bringing in Hazard and Oscar to pair with Juan Mata. But as we have seen, Chelsea lack a big midfield presence. The only trouble with a possible move to Chelsea for Fellaini is the fact no one knows who the manager at Chelsea will be, and what style of play that manager will push to employ.

Wherever Fellaini ends up he will be a huge addition to the team. Immense talent and potential await the club that gets his services.