Leave it up to the world’s largest online video portal to come up with some pretty hilarious stuff, from idiots dancing in front of a camera to people falling flat on their faces while attempting some ridiculous stunt, YouTube has now added a Vuvuzela button featured on some soccer related videos. Seriously.

On select videos, some football related, some not, YouTube has added a small button that resembles a soccer ball located towards the bottom right panel of the video. Clicking on it will of course activate the incessant drone of the Vuvuzela that we all know so well from hearing at matches during the World Cup in South Africa.

Are viewers of videos on YouTube so desperate to hear the (love it or hate it) horn at all times of the day and night, or is this prank another move by YouTube to prove their ever increasing cultural relevance? 

Many readers of EPL Talk have opined on whether or not FIFA should ban the vuvuzela from World Cup matches in recent weeks. With little success, the protesters and letter writers’ complaints have all but fallen on FIFA’s deaf ears.

Some TV viewers of World Cup matches were able to get a temporary reprieve from the noise when TV stations offered a quieter version of the match on a different channel, but this service hasn’t been available to each and every World Cup fan across the globe.

Since we’re now three weeks into the World Cup, have you gotten used to the vuvuzela’s incessant buzzing, or do you hate it just as much as when you first heard it’s bee-like drone? Have you ever woken up to the sound of a vuvuzela when your significant other tunes into the day’s early match? Leave a comment below.