Living in an age where people demand everything instantaneously is not always a good thing. Sure it has given us super fast computers, the iPhone, the Playstation3 plus hundreds of other gizmos. But not everything can be made faster and certain aspects of life take time before they bear the fruits of success. However, English football seems to have forgotten this and in our mile-a-minute world if managers aren’t producing results within the first ten games you can bet their job will be on the line.

So we come to one of the new boys in Roberto Martinez, set for his first Premier League season as the new manager of Wigan. Like every new manager the former Latics player will have his own ideas about who should play for Wigan, how they should play and other aspects such as training methods. Having seen Martinez’s former club Swansea last season and Wigan under Steve Bruce there will be some big changes to the way the Latics play.

Bruce is pretty much your traditional English manager, looking for players with good physical attributes before judging their football skills. Thrown into that mix will be your flair players to add a different dimension to the side and that is it, albeit broken down to its most basic structure.

Martinez doesn’t work like that and with Jordi Gomez, along with a number of other Spanish players, on their way in the folk at the DW Stadium could be in for a culture shock. Expect the ball to spend the majority of its time on the floor when Wigan have it and look for a style of play similar to that of Arsenal.

The change should be a refreshing one for those of us who believe Brain Clough was right when he said ‘if God had wanted us to play football in the sky, he would have put grass up there.’ However, just like so many managers who have been before him the big question will be whether Martinez is given enough time to implement his strategy.

Looking at last season there were a number of managers who probably weren’t given enough time to realise their dreams. Paul Ince at Blackburn, Tony Adams at Portsmouth and Luiz Felipe Scolari at Chelsea all spring to mind. I suppose the other big question will be if things don’t go well for Martinez from the start how long will Wigan chairman Dave Whelan and the Latics board give Martinez before hitting the panic button?

I am going to stick my neck out and say Whelan will give Martinez all the time he needs to mould his Wigan side. The Latics chairman seems to realise that the club are punching above their weight already and understands that staying in the Premier League will qualify as yet another good achievement for the north-west side. I am hopeful that Martinez will be successful and that he is capable of bringing the kind of football we saw at Swansea to the top table of the English game.