One only need look to the winner’s table for the last decade and lack of dominance by English clubs at the highest level of European club competition is sobering.   Since 1999 there have been 3 titles won by English Premier League teams, Liverpool in 2005 and Manchester United in 1999 and 2008.  The remaining title winners are as follows, AC Milan 2003, 2007; Real Madrid 2000, 2002; Barcelona 2006; Bayern Munich 2001; Porto 2004.  With the spoils evenly spread across Italy, Spain and England, throwing in a surprise or two from Germany and Portugal, why is it the English media continue to ride a hype campaign for HMS Britainnia?

Ownership and managerial woes are beginning to appear infectious for the EPL and proposed European dominance comes at a time of economic downturn across the continent but especially at home. Major clubs who regularly vie for glory are facing huge bugetary constraints, part and parcel to their borrowing on future earning.  Liverpool in particular have been put on notice by ownership new transfers-in are contingent on transfers-out.

Although all four English sides in the tournament are leading or tied for leadership of their respective groups, last match day for the first time this season saw Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool unable to beat their opponents.

Perhaps the winds of change are not as favorable for HMS Britainnia as first perceived still we’ll have to wait and see if English media get it all wrong but at least they’ve got manager Fabio Capello onboard to right the ship for the national side.