It has been announced today that Frank Rijkaard will be leaving Barcelona at the end of this season. After two seasons without trophies, and yesterdays 4-1 loss to Real Madrid, Barcelona has opted to terminate his contract. Taking his place will be former player Pep Guardiola. This summer is shaping up to be a massive clearing out at Barcelona in an attempt to bring back the success they once enjoyed. While viewing “el clasico” I couldn’t help but notice a broken spirit at Barca. Messi was invisible for the first part of the game, Valdez seemed to have no confidence, and Puyol seemed to have trouble every time Madrid came forward. The scene that for me summed up the feeling at Barcelona was seeing Rijkaard’s look toward the end of the game, almost if knowing that this was the end for him. Its the end of an era at Barca and who knows what the team is going to look like next season.

I would also like to thank The Gaffer for letting me take a shot here. Here’s hoping I don’t screw it up.