If you’ve listened to previous episodes of the EPL Talk Podcast, you may remember that celebs such as Paul Oakenfold, Bobby McMahon and others have mentioned how we in the States get to see more Premiership matches here than in England.

Well, here’s the proof. For the first week of the Premiership, these are the matches that will be shown on SkySports, who currently hold the exclusive rights to show the Premier League in England:

Sheffield United v Liverpool, 12:45pm BST, live, Sky Sports One
Bolton v Spurs, 5:15pm BST, live, PremPlus (PPV)

Man United v Fulham, 1:30pm BST, live, PremPlus (PPV)
Chelsea v Man City, 4pm BST, live, Sky Sports One

Charlton v Man United, 8pm BST, live, Sky Sports Two

And that’s it for the first week. Seriously. This means Fox Soccer Channel is showing one more match than Sky (20% more), Setanta is showing one more (20% more), while FSC plus Setanta will provide you seven more matches (140% more) in the first week than UK viewers with Sky and the PPV package called PremPlus.