EPL Talk has just launched the inaugural episode of the EPL Talk Podcast. Download it today, and subscribe via iTunes (Apple will be adding it momentarily).

The 30 minute podcast features an exclusive interview with Steven Cohen, co-host of Fox Football Friday and the World Soccer Daily radio show.

Highlights of the podcast include:

> Hear his fascinating thoughts on the Premiership,
> Learn how Steven moved to America, and how he met co-host Nick Geber,
> Hear who he thinks has done the most to harm the game of soccer in America,
> Discover who Steven lives across the street from, and what famous rock star was in his exercise class, and
> Find out how you can win a FREE EPL Talk T-shirt.

The EPL Talk Podcast is unique because it’s the only soccer podcast to feature interviews with famous soccer celebrities. Stay tuned for more exciting interviews coming soon!