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Leagues: EPL

/ 209 days ago

Premier League is now the most-watched soccer league in USA

Liga MX has been eclipsed for the first time in US soccer history by the English Premier League, now the most-watched soccer league in the United States. For decades in the United States, Mexico's top-flight Liga MX had been the leader. Its supremacy was boosted by the largest segment of Hispanics living in this country. […]

TV Ratings

/ 238 days ago

USMNT TV ratings in 2023 are the lowest since 2018

TV viewership numbers for the US Men's National Team during 2023 are the lowest since 2018. Based on research and analysis compiled by World Soccer Talk, viewership in 2023 dropped 69% from 4,267,063 viewers per game in 2022. The average audience for the men's national team was 1,324,833 viewers per game in 2023. That is […]

TV Ratings

/ 254 days ago

Most-watched soccer competitions on US TV in 2022

TV viewership in the United States for all soccer competitions in 2022 is now available. Specifically, regarding club competitions, there was a diverse array of competitions people in the United States watched. It is worth noting that the rankings of the soccer competitions on US TV do not include the 2022 FIFA World Cup. During […]