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/ 2 days ago

USA-Serbia preview: 2026 World Cup cycle begins

The 2022 World Cup is in the rear-view mirror. Hence, it's time for the US Men's National Team (USMNT) to turn its attention to the 2026 World Cup, to be played here in the United States alongside Mexico and Canada. Given the unique timing of the Qatar World Cup, the annual January camp for the United […]

United States

/ 6 days ago

10 US cities USMNT plays at most often

One of the myriad of issues US Soccer has faced in recent times is the perception by the fan base that the federation only plays USMNT home games in a select few cities. USMNT attendance in 2022 seems to suggest a level of frustration and burnout of the same venues. But does the perception match […]


/ 22 days ago

Mexico attendance in the US greater than US teams

The US fans that are heavily invested in the US/Mexico rivalry may want to avert their eyes. When it comes to soccer in the US, Mexico is ironically America's team. This isn't particularly groundbreaking news, though. Mexico attendance at games in the US has long dwarfed both the USMNT and USWNT. This past year was […]


/ 24 days ago

2022 USWNT attendance best since 2019

While the USWNT's TV ratings may have dropped 10% in 2022, that was not the case with their attendance. USWNT attendance in 2022 was up compared to 2021. In fact, it was their best year in the stands since 2019. And that does include 2020, when they were able to play 8 home games prior […]


/ 24 days ago

USMNT attendance in 2022 worst since 2006

The year 2022 was a smashing success for the USMNT's TV ratings. After all, they qualified for the World Cup and advanced to the Round of 16. But their attendance did not benefit the same way. In fact, the 2022 USMNT attendance was their lowest since 2006. Here's how the crowds break down. Date Competition […]


/ 26 days ago

Top 20 biggest soccer attendances in USA during 2022

Perhaps the biggest metric used to gauge the growing popularity of soccer in the USA is attendance. Bigger crowds means more money and more eyeballs. That in turn leads back to bigger crowds. And so on and so forth until soccer becomes a behemoth. In researching the data for 2022, we compiled a list of […]

TV Ratings

/ 33 days ago

USWNT TV ratings down 10% from 2021

As the year comes to an end, the news for the TV ratings for the USMNT was quite good. This was not a surprise as they made their return to the World Cup. Playing four games at the World Cup tends to boost the viewership. Unfortunately for the USWNT, the news was not as good […]

TV Ratings

/ 38 days ago

2022 USMNT TV ratings increased 4% compared to 2014

The year is drawing to a close and that means it is time to take a look at the 2022 USMNT TV ratings. This year was different for the US than any other year for some time. The USMNT returned to the World Cup after missing out on the 2018 edition of the tournament. Consequently, the […]

Gregg Berhalter

/ 54 days ago

US Soccer needs a better coach than Gregg Berhalter

Despite making it to the knockout stage, it's evident that US Soccer needs a better coach than Gregg Berhalter to move this team forward. There's no other way to put it than to say that Gregg Berhalter has massively underachieved with the US Men's National Team (USMNT). The World Cup run for the US came […]

World Cup 2022

/ 54 days ago

World Cup refereeing roundup from group stage in Qatar

World Soccer Talk writer Lawrence Dockery, himself a referee, shares his insight regarding the officiating from the World Cup group stage of Qatar 2022. Many don’t realize but one of the most important parts of any soccer game is the referee. Without officials, there is no game. Being selected to referee at the World Cup […]


/ 55 days ago

USA vs Netherlands preview: Survive and Advance

It seemed like a long-shot at various points throughout the group stage but the USMNT has made it to the knockout rounds at the World Cup. While some fans are still frustrated by the team’s inability to score goals, at the end of the day the US got where they needed to go. Whether they did it […]

World Cup 2022

/ 56 days ago

World Cup refereeing roundup from group stage in Qatar

World Soccer Talk writer Lawrence Dockery, himself a referee, shares his insight regarding the officiating from the World Cup group stage of Qatar 2022. Many don’t realize but one of the most important parts of any soccer game is the referee.  Without officials, there is no game.  Being selected to referee at the World Cup […]


/ 59 days ago

USA vs Iran preview: Win or go home

Friday’s game against England was one the fans, journalists, and network executives circled on their calendars. The two countries shared so much history, and it was the day after Thanksgiving. Consequently, it was bound to dominate the headlines. Unfortunately, once the first whistle blew, neither side produced much to admire. A scoreless draw saw England […]


/ 63 days ago

USA vs England preview: World Cup fate in the hands of USMNT

The USMNT’s return to the World Cup got off to a dream start in the first half of their opening game against Wales. Christian Pulisic found Tim Weah who scored a wonderful goal to put the US into dreamland. But, when the second half started, it went from a dream to a nightmare. Wales was […]


/ 67 days ago

USA-Wales preview: USA's long-awaited World Cup return

It’s been eight and a half long years since the USMNT last played a World Cup game. Back when the 2014 World Cup campaign in Brazil ended in the Round of 16 at the hands of a golden Belgian generation, nobody in the US could have imagined such a sustained absence from the game’s biggest […]


/ 71 days ago

World Cup betting odds don't favor USA's chances

Sports fans love big events, and there's a sub-set of those who love to place a bet on the big tournament. It doesn't get any bigger than the World Cup, so we decided to take a look at the World Cup betting odds to see what the bookmakers are saying. "We're probably not expecting these […]

Leagues: USL

/ 82 days ago

Memphis Soccer Stadium: 901 FC owner weighs in

Memphis 901 FC was founded in January of 2018 and has competed in the USL Championship since March of 2019. During that time, they have played at AutoZone Park in downtown Memphis, home of the Memphis Redbirds (the AAA affiliate of MLB’s St. Louis Cardinals). But news broke from the Commercial Appeal in October that Memphis […]


/ 91 days ago

USMNT attendance down 37% from a decade ago

The USMNT suffered attendance drops in consecutive cycles. From 2010 to 2014, the United States averaged attendance of 36,697. Now, from 2018 to 2022, the average attendance is 23,029. The reason for the four-year cycles, such as 2010 to 2014 or 2018 to 2022, stems from the World Cup. Of course, the United States failed […]

Saudi Arabia

/ 122 days ago

USA vs Saudi Arabia preview: Final tune-up before Qatar 2022

This past Friday's contest involving the USA left much to be desired, and fans hope it is not a preview of what is to come against Saudi Arabia. In fact, the United States turned in an absolutely shambolic performance. The 2-0 loss set alarm bells ringing about the team’s preparedness and ability to compete against […]

Preview: USMNT road struggles on center stage at El Salvador

Three of the four games during this June window have gone quite well for the USMNT. First, Cincinnati hosted a solid 3-0 friendly win over World Cup-bound Morocco. Then, there was a 0-0 friendly draw with quality South American side Uruguay in Kansas City. After that game, the mentality change slightly. Friendlies finished, and competitive […]