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Soccer Rules

/ 209 days ago

What are the dimensions of a soccer goal?

Soccer is a relatively simple sport in terms of equipment. All you really need to play is a flat(ish) surface, a ball, and goals of some sort. In informal games, the goals could be markings on a wall, trash bins, a couple of boots, or almost anything at all to mark the scoring area. But […]

Soccer Rules

/ 216 days ago

Does rain stop a soccer match?

A soccer match under clear skies. There's nothing quite like it. However, Mother Nature doesn't always cooperate. Quite frequently the proceedings on the pitch can get wet. But will rain stop a soccer game? The answer is, well, maybe. Rain, rain, go away, let the soccer game be played Rain itself will not necessarily put […]

Cristiano Ronaldo

/ 223 days ago

Top 5 attributes needed to be a great soccer player

"What makes a great soccer player?" is a topic that many in the soccer world often wonder. What was it about Diego Maradona and Pele that set them apart from the rest? Like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, how can I improve my game? Every great soccer player has to have a few certain attributes, […]

Soccer Rules

/ 230 days ago

How does extra time work in soccer?

A soccer match is structured a little differently than many other sports. This is especially true compared to sports that have traditionally been more popular in the USA. When a game needs a winner, an overtime system relatively unique to soccer is used: extra time. But before we can get to that, we have to […]


/ 234 days ago

What is IFAB and why do they rule the game?

The world of soccer has plenty of acronyms fans are familiar with. FIFA, EPL, MLS, CONCACAF, USSF, and many more comprise the alphabet soup of entities that govern the sport. But one that isn't so familiar is the IFAB – the International Football Association Board. But what is the IFAB, and why should you care? […]

Injury News

/ 234 days ago

Most Common Injuries in Soccer: What You Need to Know

The most-watched sport in the world, soccer, is characterized by high-octane action, expert passing, and fierce rivalry. Unfortunately, the thrills of the game are not without their dangers. The physical demands of soccer include quickness, dexterity, strength, and stamina. There is a tremendous amount of physical strain on the players' bodies from the continual sprinting, rapid […]

Postponed Matches

/ 237 days ago

What happens if a soccer game is postponed

A soccer game can be postponed for a variety of reasons. Bad weather, safety or health concerns, and sadly violence, tragedy, or political unrest can also throw a wrench in the diversion of sport. But what is done when that happens? It depends on the situation. Why a soccer game can be postponed The most […]


/ 243 days ago

Can soccer leagues have different rules?

Soccer is one of the simplest sports there is. Kick the ball into the goal, score one point at a time, and don't touch the ball with your hands. There are some more nuanced laws of the game, but overall the sport is fairly straightforward and simple. So the rules should be the same everywhere […]

Cristiano Ronaldo

/ 247 days ago

What do the position numbers mean in soccer?

In terms of participation rates, soccer dominates all other sports worldwide. There are over 250 million players in over 200 nations, and training may begin as early as the age of three. That does not even take into consideration the approximately 3.5 billion supporters throughout the globe. People often flock to play soccer since it […]
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American Soccer

/ 5760 days ago

Americanizing Soccer for the U.S. Sports Fan pt. 3

The recent match between the U.S. and Cuba battling for a spot to the 2010 World Cup was a prime example of why soccer must revise its rule involving red-cards.  Expulsion from the game for a heinous foul is not the problem.  If the foul warrants expulsion, the referee should make the call.  What happens after […]