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American Soccer

/ 301 days ago

List of American-owned soccer clubs in Europe

Soccer used to be an incredibly niche sport in the United States. Support for European clubs was largely limited to pockets of expats and areas with large immigrant populations. And on the business side of things, the idea of an American owner for one of these clubs was almost unthinkable. But those days are long […]

Leagues: Bundesliga

/ 442 days ago

Pitch sizes of stadiums in top European soccer leagues

All soccer fields may look the same to the naked eye. The dimensions ought to be standardized across the professional game, right? Wrong. In reality, pitch sizes can vary from stadium to stadium. Similar to baseball in America, historically this was often due to physical space limitations on the land a stadium was built upon. […]

Leagues: EPL

/ 3541 days ago

Website Football As Football Merging NFL And Soccer Closer Together

Many have often stated the difference between American Football and Soccer is rather profound with there being little evidence, at least on the pitch, to suggest that statement is untrue. However, a website by the name of Football as Football has rather ingeniously found a way to fuse both sports and produce completely original items of […]


/ 5094 days ago

Dear Fox Soccer Channel(s): an Open Letter For the New Season

Within the last 12 months, you've done a lot to enhance your product and the growth of the game. The launch of the HD channel and Fox Soccer Plus, while not by any means perfect, have been a major plus. The announcement of the new Fox Soccer Tonight program is another good step for the […]