Listening to last week’s episode of the Football Weekly Podcast on The Guardian, I had to laugh when studio guest (and occasional EPL Talk blogger) Richard Whittall brought up the topic of stereotypes about British women. Astounding as it may seem, The Guardian’s Barney Ronay had no idea what Whittall was talking about and seemed perplexed by Whittall’s polite hints of what British women are famous for.

It got me thinking. Having lived on both sides of the Atlantic and having British and American passports, I’m quite aware of British stereotypes about Americans and vice-versa.

So in the interest of full disclosure, I’d like to share what the Brits picture when they think of the stereotypical American. They think that the average American is:

  • Obese,
  • Obnoxious,
  • Loud,
  • Fake,
  • Not bright,
  • Have an annoying accent, and
  • Know nothing about soccer.

Readers, am I missing any stereotypes? Click the comments link below to share any that I may have missed or what your opinion is about the stereotypes that British people have about Americans.