While this website doesn’t cover American football, the topic of concussions in relation to sport is a very timely topic given the incident that happened this weekend with Hugo Lloris, as well as the recent Frontline documentary that focused on the NFL’s years of denial that repetitive concussions can cause brain damage.

In conversations this weekend with friends and family members, what I found enlightening was that many of them hadn’t seen the Frontline documentary — even hardcore NFL fans. Some of them have children who play American football, and they weren’t aware of the medical advice regarding how damaging playing American football can be, particularly to children.

At the same time, there was a myriad of different viewpoints about the Hugo Lloris incident — ranging from praising the toughness of the player to carry on to outright condemnation of the player, club and medical staff for allowing him to finish the match.

While the following two documentaries are not soccer-related, they do shine a light on concussions in general, and provide helpful background on a topic that has, up until now, been largely underreported in the UK media.

Watch League Of Denial: The NFL’s Concussion Crisis — the Frontline documentary.

And watch the 10-minute documentary entitled Head Games below (parts 1 and 2):