What a save by Diego López!

The ball come to Senna.  Senna serves it down the field to Robinho, what a move by the Brazilian!  Serves it inside the box- they score!  Felipe Caicedo.  The ecuadorian international with yet another goal and Manchester City are champions of Europe!

Oh, it was just a dream!

For Manchester City to tease its fans- especially my boy Kartik -is cruel and unusual punishment.   Then again, on the baby blue side of the tracks… cruel and unusual punishment is a way of life.   The possibility of Manchester City’s  “petro-dollars” has dreams clinging by a string, thus making the support of City such a religious experience.

The reality of Diego López keeping Kasper Schmeichel far from the City goal and Marcos Senna feeding Robinho, Elano, Jo (and as of late Felipe Caicedo) would seem like a refreshing change of pace and a step in the right direction. I mean it is the trend in English football to get away from English “talent” and players that suck- sorry for being so redundant.

Kartik must salivate at the fact that one of the world´s best midfielders wearing baby blue instead of yellow by the end of the transfer window.

I understand that they are really desperate to emulate their city rivals, but the €135 million rescission clause that it would take to get them to ¨abandon sub¨ right now.  As a matter of fact, to have to wait that long to make the investment come through.   Why would City invest so much to see a return so far down the road?  Hell, the way things are going, the long-term return on the investment might be them coming back to first division.

I guess that is why it’s not going to happen.  It is just the combination of two evils- the mental masturbation of the City brass and the ill will of the Spanish media.

These multi-billionaires think that a culture of losing and being the red-headed step child can be solved by throwing money at it.  They think that Roman Abramovich changed things at Chelsea that way, albeit it seemed that way sometimes.  Somehow their business savvy gets thrown out the window when it comes to transfers.  They just don’t realize that by getting simply the top players you aren’t guaranteed success.  If there are two words I can advise the City with these are the ones-  Florentino Pérez. 

This type of news is also just another way for Spanish media (particularly Marca)  to throw news around and see what sticks to that proverbial wall.  If it doesn’t stick, well then there will at least be a stain on the wall.  Hey, if there are enough stains people will get pissed and they will either clean it or the other dumbasses will knock it down.  If they decide to knock it down then they won.

Why?  The answer is simple.  They were able to make an issue where there truly wasn’t.  It has happened before with many teams.  Now that it failed with Barcelona and Sevilla they will try to go down the line and find someone that will take the bait.  Villarreal is the “perfect candidate”  for Real Madrid’s mouthpiece.  They are struggling in the standings and are Madrid’s next rival (how convenient).  So anything that could be generated could help them implode would come in handy as they could see their team out of the league race by the beginning of January.

So if City talk about getting Gianluigi Buffon or Iker Casillas and they still have Kasper Schmeichel and  Joe Hart, could it be rhetoric?  Could it be the promise of the future?

It’s the money combined with the desperation screeching to the high heavens.

Nah. It’s a lame tactic to calm the restless natives.  Right now they could promise Maradona, Pelé, and Cruyff at their respective primes (obviously!) and dream.  It’s cruel but they are grasping at straws right now.  City brass are grasping at straws the same way anyone would do when they see their fantasy teams go into the crapper.

If you want any proof just look where they are in the standings.