It’s been almost 12 months since DISH Network were the first TV provider to launch Fox Soccer Channel in HD. Since then, slowly but surely, other major TV providers such as DirecTV, some Time Warner regions and smaller cable providers have added the channel. Verizon FiOS customers have been enduring an agonizing wait to find out when the channel will be added to their programming guide. However with today’s news, Verizon FiOS customers will have to wait even longer.

Up until a few weeks ago Fox Soccer Channel was next in line to become available in HD on Verizon FiOS. But now, according to Verizon FiOS Director of Product Management Joe Ambeault, the release of Fox Soccer Channel HD has been delayed because it has been bumped to the number two position. Instead of Fox Soccer Channel HD being released next, Verizon FiOS has decided to launch BET HD next.

Ambeault said, via Twitter, that “BET gets way more viewers – even on Saturday morning (but yes FSC fans are very passionate).”

If you’re a Verizon FiOS customer and you want Fox Soccer Channel in HD, use the following resources:

In the meantime, EPL Talk reader Jeff S. has told us that Cablevision has added Fox Soccer Plus to its sports package at no additional cost. And they will be adding Fox Soccer Channel HD and Fox Soccer Plus in HD later this month.

As for Comcast customers who want Fox Soccer Plus and/or Fox Soccer Channel in HD, still no word from the company who had their merger with NBC approved earlier this week.